Home Away from Home: Providing Hospitality and Support for Caron Patients and their Families

At Chabad of Berks County, we maintain a special commitment to supporting individuals recovering from substance abuse at the Caron Treatment Center and to assisting their families during the process. Our fundamental belief is that spirituality and recovery are inextricably linked, and that it is crucial for recovering patients to develop and maintain spiritual connections throughout their treatment and beyond. As a certified substance abuse counselor, Rabbi Lipsker is equipped to offer both physical and spiritual guidance to patients and their families throughout the treatment and recovery process. Our vital work with adolescents and adults in recovery extends far beyond the walls of Caron, as we offer individualized support and guidance to each patient and family before, during, and after treatment. We remain at the front lines of helping our fellow each and every day, dedicating a tremendous amount of time and energy to this task. Our relationship with a vast network of Jewish recovery Rabbis, specialists, therapists, and outpatient programs enables us to guide patients along an individualized recovery path that fits with his or her unique needs and religious preferences.

Our goal is to establish a “Home Away from Home” haven for patients and their families throughout the treatment and recovery process. Our plan is to expand our facilities to be able to more comfortably accommodate the families of patients during their visits over Shabbat and holidays. This project will directly affect the treatment and recovery experience for Caron patients and their families in a significant and positive way.

*If you are a family member of a Caron patient and would like information on the Family Education Program at Caron, please reach out to Rabbi Lipsker via phone at 610-334-3218 or email us at [email protected]. Upon request, we will provide you with a Shabbat Information Guide, which is designed to address some of the religious concerns you may have regarding Shabbat at the Family Education Program.