Jewish Recovery

Brief Overview of Chabad of Berks County's Activities with Caron Patients and Families

Our scope of activities with Jewish recovery patients at the Caron Treatment Center encompasses all stages of the recovery process including the following: Pre-Caron, Inpatient Caron Services, and Post-Caron.

Pre- Caron

  • Counseling families about loved ones who are addicted
  • Conducting and assisting in interventions resulting in admission at Caron

Inpatient Caron Services

  • Visiting all patient units on a rotating basis
  • Assisting new patients and families in absorption and acclimation
  • Assisting therapists and counselors with difficult cases
  • Assisting therapists to overcome family resistance to participating in Family Education Program (FEP) at Caron
  • Working with staff to influence patients recommended for extended care to comply
  • Hosting patients at the Rabbi's home weekly for Friday night religious services and Shabbat meals
  • Hosting families of Caron patients at the Rabbi's home for Friday night Shabbat dinners
  • Providing holiday religious services and celebrations for patients throughout the year both at Caron and the Rabbi's home
  • Serving as a point of contact for families of Caron patients
  • Helping Caron accommodate the needs of religious and Shabbat-observant patients and families during the Family Education Program (FEP)*
  • Distributing religious books and object to Caron patients, alumni, and families
  • Attending off-campus meetings with families and patients
  • Maintaining an open means of communication to assist in emergencies related to Caron patients and others who might benefit from admission to Caron for initial addiction or relapse treatment
  • Providing ongoing kosher certifications of food prepared in Caron kosher kitchen

Post-Caron Activities

  • Maintaining contact with Caron alumni and families
  • Traveling to New York and Florida for alumni reunions and visits with individual alumni
  • Officiating at life cycle events and celebrations of Caron alumni

Other Activities

  • Maintaining contact with rabbis, therapists, and other professionals serving addicts and those in recovery
  • Bringing awareness of Caron's doctrine of recovery, rehabilitation capabilities, and unique programs to rabbis and other Jewish professionals unfamiliar with addiction treatments
  • Bringing rabbis and Jewish professionals to tour Caron
  • Attending conferences and meetings related to recovery and speaking about Caron's programs

*If you are a family member of a Caron patient and would like information on the Family Education Program at Caron, please reach out to Rabbi Lipsker via phone at 610-334-3218 or email us at [email protected]. Upon request, we will provide you with a Shabbat Information Guide, which is designed to address some of the religious concerns you may have regarding Shabbat at the Family Education Program.